What is the best fake diploma value for my money?

As our money becomes tighter and tighter, in this ever struggling economy, more and more of us look for a better value. That doesn’t change when purchasing fake diplomas, as our polls have shown. Customers want more bang for their buck and are constantly looking for the best fake diploma value out there among popular sites.

If you have not heard of BestFakeDiploma.com, welcome. We have setup a series polls to engage customers reactions of a variety of issues when purchasing fake diplomas including the company’s service, the quality of the diploma itself, their overall assumptions and yes, the value of the fake diplomas they sell.

In many cases, the fake diplomas themselves were judged against others to see what one sites gives you compared to another. What we found a strong balance in all areas of testing except value, which gave us a new winner. The current listing is posted below.

Fake Diploma Websites Value Approval
BuyaFakeDiploma.com 80%
DiplomaCompany.com 89%
DiplomaMakers.com 73%
DiplomasandMore.com 63%
Diploma-World.com 63%
DiplomaXpress.com 60%
FakeDiplomaSale.com 33%
ND-Center.com 30%
NextDayDiplomas.com 75%
PhonyDiploma.com 90%
RealisticDiplomas.com 82%

After everything was tallied up, we found that Phony Diploma ranked 90%. What this meant was that when polling customers, 90% were impressed with the overall value of the diploma that they received. The 90% also put Phony Diploma, 21% higher than our average of 69% and 1% above Diploma Company, our second ranked site for best fake diploma value.

Lowest our on list for ranking in overall value, was ND-Center.com and FakeDiplomaSale.com both hovering around 30 to 30%. Right around the middle was Diploma-World.com and DiplomaMakers.com.

Personally, when adding up the polling in this area, we were surprised by Phony’s ranking, especially when considering the prices of their documents which tend to be higher than most sites out there. BUT many later said they found value in their gold infused seals which were considered an extra added plus.