Where can I find the best fake diplomas and degrees

Obviously, when you purchase fake diplomas and degrees, you might try and research a supplier on a variety of levels including the overall value of the documents that that they sell, their customer service or the quality of their products. In the end, finding a true overall opinion is what will let you determine the best fake diplomas and degrees that can be purchase anywhere.

When looking over data we collected from customers, we asked one simple question:


We figured this would be a good way to figure out what fake diploma company to rank as the best overall. Obviously, if were unhappy with your purchase, you wouldn’t. What we discovered is documented below in the following list:

Fake Diploma Websites Overall Approval
BuyaFakeDiploma.com 91%
DiplomaCompany.com 97%
DiplomaMakers.com 88%
DiplomasandMore.com 75%
Diploma-World.com 75%
DiplomaXpress.com 10%
FakeDiplomaSale.com 22%
ND-Center.com 5%
NextDayDiplomas.com 50%
PhonyDiploma.com 90%
RealisticDiplomas.com 80%

What our polling discovered was that among active fake diploma sites, Diploma Company posted the best overall value of any fake diploma site that we monitored. At 97%, it was 6 percentage points higher than Buy a Fake Diploma in 2nd place and 36% higher than the average among all sites with fake diplomas and best degrees. In the end, only 3% felt unsatisfied or disappointed with their purchase from Diploma Company. This was extremely impressive.

We still had great returns from both Buy a Fake Diploma and Phony Diploma, which posted a 90% approval which is pretty noteworthy in of itself.

In the end, ND-Center.com and FakeDiplomaSale.com wound up towards the bottom of our rankings which had become a common theme in other areas of testing including overall value and service, which was nonexistent with some. In fact, most buyers reported not be able to communicate with a company and frustrating and reasoning behind not wanting to ever come back as a customer.