Reviewing the best fake geds

By | January 22, 2013

Often referred to as fake high school equivalency diplomas, fake ged diplomas are popular among fake diploma shoppers. Still, many customers ask what suppliers make the most realistic fake geds, in their quest to find the best fake geds online.

As you may already know this site was put together was connecting with a number of people interested in buying fake geds. We then asked to take part in our poll as they purchased fake ged certificates online and allowed us to minitor the entire sale process from start to finish. The final figures were added up and presented here.

What do your polls show as the best site to buy fake geds?

A list of sites for the best fake geds!

Fake GED Diploma Suppliers Quality Approval 75% 85% 55% 64% 72%

In the end, what we discovered was that among fake diploma shoppers we asked, almost 70% were pleased with the fake ged they got from the company they ordered from. This also means that, more often than not, you’ll have a 30% chance of not being happy when ordering from a particular company. In the end, this proves that most companies are happy with their purchase.

To break down our data further, we find that largest approval came from Diploma Company who scored an amazing 85% approval. Second was with a 75% approval and last, in our list was who reported a 55% approval. Diploma Makers was surprising because they ranked so well with our fake high school diploma study.

What geds did you order when researching the best fake geds out there?

The majority of the GEDs were chosen from random areas of the country and at random dates. We had two GEDs purchased in the 70’s, a number with layouts from the 80’s, and a whole lot that were much more modern.

So, keep in mind that there is always a good chance that the company that ranked #1, may have ranked #1 for a fake ged diploma that is not the same ged that you need made. In this case, we recommend that you contact us and we will gladly recheck the list and see what sites if any scored best for the diploma you need made.

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