Looking for the best fake college diploma reviews

By | January 18, 2013

Studying the data behind our fake college diploma reviews

The most popular site sold anywhere is fake college diplomas. Due in large part to an increasing demand, we decided to rate each site that sells fake diplomas to find the best site to purchase them as apart of our fake college diploma reviews.

A large number of diplomas were purchased from popular sites and the entire experience was rated on a variety of levels including the value of the fake college diploma received, it’s quality, the service of the company selling it and overall value which came down to one simple question… would you order from the same company again? The results might shock some of you.

How do you rate each fake college diploma supplier?


Our polling shows that an average of 64% of people who purchased fake college diplomas, in our testing, were pleased with their purchases. This is surprising since you hear so much online about how fake diploma sites clearly. WHat this proves is that more often that not, buyers are happy with their fake diploma purchase, especially college ones.

When we break down this polling even more, we see that Diploma Company came out on top with an overall approval rating of 95% which was 31% higher than the national average among all sites. Diploma Company also ranked top for overall quality and overall ranking of any site we polled.

Rounding out the top spaces was PhonyDiploma.com and BuyaFakeDiploma.com. Our lowest approval ratings were from ND-Center.com and FakeDiplomaSale.com which did not report great numbers in any area we polled them on.