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The following posts focus on popular fake diploma and fake degree products including geds, high school and college level products and how our data breaks down which sites are best to purchase such products from.

Highest Rated Quality : Fake High School Diplomas

In today’s installment of looking at data we’ve compiled via numerous polls, we’ll be looking at reported quality among high school diplomas. Customers were polled on eight different companies they’ve ordered from, and reported their opinions and thoughts. Overall, the average was about 56%. This means about 56% of customers were happy with the quality of their fake high school diploma. This struck us as odd – doesn’t that seem… Read More »

Highest Valued Diplomas

Today’s report will focus on customers’ description of the Value of the product, based on price and how customers felt this price reflected the quality. Today we’ll look at our usual subjects, and compile a statistical report as disclosed by our reported customer base. Overall we found the average Value of product to be in the 69% range. Phony Diploma took the cake, with customers claiming a 90% value. This… Read More »