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This site is no longer in business. It has been shut down and the rights to it were purchased by DiplomaCompany.com. This review and date is old. Please check our site for more recent reviews!

One of the newer sites out there, Diploma-World.com offers fake college diplomas and fake high school diplomas too. Their site, currently does not list fake ged products. We received a number of participants willing to buy products from Diploma World and the results of polling conducted on their experiences was documented and posted below.

How do you rate their quality?

When it came to rating the level of quality, with the documents that Diploma-World.com produced, we found that an amazing 62% of people rated their work positively. This was impressive and 14% higher than the average we saw among all sites. In fact, their quality levels ranked better than that of both PhonyDiploma.com and RealisticDipoloma.com.

Do you feel they offer a good value?

When we asked people to judge the value of what they received from Diploma World, we found 85% of people rated the value favorably. Again, above the national average of 69%, it’s safe to say that those we polled felt good about the value of the products sold at http://diploma-world.com.

How would you rate their service?

When it came to rating service though, we did see a drop. We found that only 33% of people who purchased from Diploma-World.com, reported good feedback in regards to their customer support. In fact, the 33% was actually 6% lower than what we reported with all sites we studied. We aren’t 100% sure what resulted in the poor feedback but believe it may have had something to do with minimum support hours.

Would you buy again?

Finally, when we asked those who polled and customers of Diploma-World.com, if they could see themselves buying from Diploma-World.com, 64% said yes. In fact, the 64% was actually 3% higher than the national average. Still, far from the best, we did find the majority of shoppers had positive things to say about their overall experience with Diploma World.

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3 / 5 stars     

4 customer reviews on “Diploma-World Review

  1. SilsbyCorrieri8266

    I got burned. Ordered a fake ged diploma. Is this site run by Phony?


  2. yvonnecurrสติ๊กเกอร์ไดคัท

    Got it. Not thrilled. Glad I wasn’t scammed.


  3. myrtle moats

    The guy who owns this owns diplomasandtranscripts.com. Look at how crappy that site. haha


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