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Launched in March in 2001, the same year as PhonyDiploma.com, DiplomaMakers.com is an online company selling fake diplomas and fake degrees as templates that buyers can customize. Their setup is similar to that of BuyaFakeDiploma.com. We had a number of buyers who made purchases at Diploma Makers and then were asked a series of questions through online polling. That data was later complied and analyzed as part of our fake diploma website reviews.

How do you rate their quality?

When it came to judging the quality of the products purchased at DiplomaMakers.com got a 45% from buyers that were polled. This figure was actually 3% lower than the national average among sites we polled, putting them towards the bottom of fake diploma sites when comparing the quality of the products they offer customers. Diploma Makers still saw better numbers, as a far as polls regarding product value, than DiplomasandMore.com, FakeDiplomaSale.com and a few others. Still, there are areas of improvement here.

Do you feel they offer a good value?

When we asked customers taking our poll, what they felt about the value of the products that Diploma Makers sold and how far your money goes, an amazing 73% viewed them favorably here. This was surprising because of the low quality numbers that we had returned, but balancing the final documents presented against the prices they requested, Diploma Makers came out as a “good deal”. The 73% was also 4% higher than what we averaged in this area among all the fake diploma sites we had polled.

How would you rate their service?

As far as customer support goes, Diploma Makers took a turn for the worst, only getting 14% of buyers to rate their service experience with the site positively. The 14% was actually below the 39% national average that we had for all sites by 25%. Many customers documented in their notes that the issue with support was due to a lack of options but surprised us since there were a few sites with more limited contact options that ranked better here.

Would you buy again?

In the end, our final question about DiplomaMakers.com asked buyers if they could see themselves buying from DiplomaMakers.com again. Even though we saw bad reports as far as service and decent numbers of quality, an astonishing 88% percent reported back to us with a solid “yes”. When you compare this against other sites that we asked the same question to, Diploma Makers was 27% higher than the average of all sites! Not to shabby. Still, even though this puts them in the top 5 and above RealisticDiplomas.com, they still were beat out by PhonyDiploma.com, BuyaFakeDiploma.com and DiplomaCompany.com, which took the #1 spot here.

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3 / 5 stars     

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    1. webmaster@bestfakediploma.com Post author

      No. They are not the same company. Diploma Company has a mailing address in Vegas that get mail at, but it is not their location. They tell you this on their site. Not sure about the other site. They are new to me.


      1. S2rrasar Post author

        Yep, the cheaper than site is nice. Just I read some crazy reviews about them. What do you think about Diploma Makers?


        1. webmaster@bestfakediploma.com Post author

          Mixed as with most sites. Check out my reviews top left if you want to see more.


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