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Introduced in May of 2007, DiplomaXpress.com is an online supplier of fake college diplomas that operates very similar to FakeDiplomaSale.com, another site we studies in our polling. Not so surprising though, the numbers for Diploma Xpress actually matched close to what we saw with Fake Diploma Sale reporting. After getting back a few orders from shoppers, the numbers were added up and the following data was broken down and presented below.

How do you rate their quality?

When asked about the level of quality in the products received from DiplomaXpress.com, we noticed that only 30% rated the quality highly. This was 18% lower than the national average that we recognized, among other sites that we polled. The 30% matched the lowest approval we received when rating value with – well, you guessed it – FakeDiplomaSale.com.

Do you feel they offer a good value?

When it came to judging the value of the diplomas and degrees that buyers got from DiplomaXpress.com, there was an improvement. We noticed that 60% of buyers did feel that the document was a good value when compared against others, but still 6% less than the national average of 69%. Still, at 60%, it’s value ranking was higher than ND-Center.com, FakeDiplomaSale.com and a few others.

How would you rate their service?

When we started to poll DipomaXpress.com shoppers on the customer support they had when dealing with the company, their numbers were lower, but were also low with most sites. In the end, what we discovered was that 10% of shoppers had a favorable rating of Diploma Xpress’ customer support. Still 29% lower than the average among all sites, it was not the worst, but still gives them goals to shoot for if they are looking for ways to improve their business.

Would you buy again?

In the end, everything that was polled before, sort of added up and came together with our last and final question for pollsters. When we asked shoppers, at the time, if they could see themselves buying from DiplomaXpress.com again, only 10% said yes. With the national average among shoppers at all sites being 61%, this did put them under the majority but still not as bad as ND-Center.com.

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2 / 5 stars