FakeDiplomaSale.com Review


Launched in January of 2007, FakeDiplomaSale.com offers a variety of fake college diplomas and other college-level documents. We asked a number of people looking to buy from Fake Diploma Sale to take part in our customer study, so that we could piece together a website review on their site, on a number of levels including product value & quality, customer service and an overall ranking.

How do you rate their quality?

Our polls show that 30% of the buyers approved of the quality of the diploma that they got from FakeDiplomaSale.com. This was 18% lower than the national average among most buyers and tired with DiplomaXpress.com. Like Diploma Xpress, we expected to have better figures to report back after seeing what appeared to be actual diplomas on their website and pricing which was much higher than most suppliers we did studies on.

Do you feel they offer a good value?

When it comes to value, we saw an improve over quality. After getting their diploma and comparing it against others they say, we found that 33% of buyers had a favorable opinion of the product value with FakeDiplomaSale.com. Again, like a normal trend, the 33% they did earn was still behind the average across the board by 36%! The only site that polled worse in this area was ND-Center.com.

How would you rate their service?

When it came to customer support, we were a bit shocked at how well the figures came back in our polling. In fact, 20% of people felt they had a positive customer service experience with FakeDiplomaSale.com. This may not seem high, but it was still higher than a majority of other sites (some of which like DiplomaMakers.com had telephone service). Still, the 20% polling, although positive, put them 19% behind the average we saw among fake diploma shoppers when rating this area.

Would you buy again?

It’s fair to say that due to their high prices and limited payment methods, we had a difficult time finding a lot of people willing to take part in a poll on FakeDiplomaSale.com. Though, those that did said they had no desire to return and buy from them again after their experiences. In fact, only 5% of the people we polled said they could see them ordering another fake diploma from Fake Diploma Sale. This was an astonishing 56% lower than the national average of 61%.

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2 / 5 stars