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One of the oldest and most established fake diploma suppliers on the web, ND-Center.com was established in October of 2003. As apart of a number of sites we studied, we had customers make a number of purchases at http://nd-center.com in order to rate their company on a variety of levels including the quality of their products, the value of them, their service and their overall feelings about everything they experienced while shopping with ND-Center.com.

How do you rate their quality?

When customers were asked to the judge the level of quality that they received from ND-Center.com, polling was not in their favor. What our results showed is that only 20% of people who bought from their site gave their quality a favorable rating. This 20% was almost 28% lower than the national average among other sites. This was surprising since their website shows images of real college diplomas on the homepage, giving buyers the impression that they are purchasing a superior fake diploma.

Do you feel they offer a good value?

Value was a comparison between rating the price of the diploma or transcript received against others from different sites, to see what you get for your money. Matching similar data we saw when recording quality, only 30% of buyers rated their products from ND-Center.com as a good value. This was nearly 40% lower than what the average buyer reported, putting their site towards the bottom in value ratings. This was the worst among any site we polled.

How would you rate their service?

With limited customer support, the results from this poll were not a shock to anybody here. In the end, only 5% of buyers rated their customer support experience with ND-Center.com favorably. Most people would later complain about a lack a phone support and emails that had robotic impersonal responses. I figured with the age of their company, they would do a much better job of running customer support and report back with better polling. We were wrong.

Would you buy again?

In the end, we asked buyers if they could see themselves ordering from ND-Center.com again? What did they say? Well, a low 5% managed to say yes. Again, on average 61% of buyers said that they would which means more often than not, people are happy with their fake diploma purchase and willing to shop again. That was not the case with ND center who we hope will take this poll seriously and make some major changes.

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5 customer reviews on “ND-Center Review

  1. Tracy Nickerson

    I ordered from them and was very happy.


  2. margartlist

    About a year ago, I got a diploma from ND-Center. Sent $300 via Western Union to some guy in the UK. The diploma arrived about a week later. The design was right, even matched the seal but the quality was disgusting.


  3. TERRI929

    margalist and katrina are right. DIPLOMA IS FINE, PRINTER IS S***. I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM.


  4. katrina viles

    I ordered a fake college diploma from these days. The quality was pretty bad, looks like it come off of some 1982 inkjet machine.


  5. latasha

    They aren’t terrible. At they give you something unlike fakediplomanow.com but still very unimpressed.


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