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In September of 2006, came onto the scene. They offer a number of the more popular fake diploma products including high school and college, but stay away from ged diplomas. Although they were not apart of our ged study, they were ranked on a number of other levels and the feedback we recieved was buyers was documented and applied the following polls that we have showcased below.

How do you rate their quality?

When it came to judging quality, we found that 50% of shoppers rated the quality of the products they received from this site, positively. In fact, their rating for quality was actually 2% higher than the average among all sites that we rated, making them one of the better companies to buy from in regards to product quality. Right above them with a 9% improvement over their ranking, in this same area was

Do you feel they offer a good value?

When we asked buyers to judge the value of the products they received from, what we discovered was that 75% of people again, like our value rating, showed positive feedback. In fact, the 75% approval was 6% than what we averaged among sites. Still, not the best but one of the better sites we polled when it came to ranking the values of their products against others.

How would you rate their service?

Many of the people that polled in regards to, stated that lack of live chat was a knock against them. In the end, still, 40% looked at the customer service they received with Next Day Diplomas, positively. This was agian, an improve from the national average…although just a 1% difference.

Would you buy again?

The last question we asked customers was a serious question. Would they consider returning to their site to buy again? What did our polls show? Well, as you can see just 50% of people said that they would return. This was surprising, considering ranked better than the national average in all other categories we collected data on including quality, value and service reports. BUT overall, their 50% approval, which is nothing to be ashamed of, is roughly 11% lower than the average we saw among all sites we polled in this area.

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  1. louannarchibald

    Very good website. Very nice people. Wish their chat support was better, hard to reach though.


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