Ranked as the site with the best value, was one of the better sites that we judged through online polling. In the end, we were able to speak with a number of customers who made purchases with Our polling with Phony Diploma was interesting. For one, we polled the exact same 60% approval when asked about the quality of the product that was given and the service, as to say that those that liked one aspect of their site, probably liked another. Below is a complete breakdown of how Phony Diploma polled in every aspect.

How do you rate their quality?

This polls shows that 60% of customers rated their product received from phony diploma favorably, which is an 8% increase from the national average of 48% that we saw across the board.

Do you feel they offer a good value?

When it comes to discussing the value of the product that you receive when shopping with Phony Diploma, we found that 90% of people we polled were satisfied. This was just slightly behind Diploma Company with a 92% approval but above Buy a Fake Diploma which had a 70% approval. Still, with so much talk on their site about gold infusing seals and replicating transcript layouts, we figured this number would be much higher and surpass Diploma Company but it didn’t.

How would you rate their service?

This poll shows us that even though only 39% of shoppers are “pleased” with the customer service they receive at fake diploma websites, phony diploma returns a 60% approval from its buyers, 21% above our shopper average. Still, shoppers from our feedback found the limited support hours of 11-4PM EST and no physical address posted in comparison to much longer support hours and easy to find contact details, failed in comparison with companies like Diploma Company.

Would you buy again?

We found that only 61% of fake diploma shoppers planned to return to whichever website they used after their experiences. Compare this to 90% of Phony Diploma shoppers describing themselves as pleased. This is very impressive; nearly 30% higher than the national average.

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3.5 / 5 stars     

14 customer reviews on “ Review

  1. Betty

    I can not begin to tell you how impressed I was iwth their work.


  2. belstaff gangster

    I got my diploma today and really loved it. Very happy.


  3. ttboy29

    Does anybody know where I can get more information about these guys?


  4. odchudzanie

    Why does this site only work support for like three hours a day. Jesus christ it’s impossible to get anybody on the f***ing phone.


  5. montignaca dieta

    The pictures on the website are pretty awesome. If only the final product looked 10% as good.


  6. Madeleine

    I purchased a college diploma from them. Absolute garbage. Left and went to Diploma Company. Much more pleased.


  7. Elvera



  8. Susanna

    It is so-so. I tried to get a second copy of my old degree from University of Alabama. The seal was way off, but the layout was right. It was ok at best.


  9. lisa

    Does anybody know where these guys are located?


  10. minecraft

    I got a high school diploma and talked to Steve who was a big help. Love this website.


  11. ora exacta

    These guys went downhill like six years ago. It’s like they lost a great employee. Never recovered since.


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