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With a setup comparable to number of other sites, was launched into the world in December of 2004. We had a number of customers buy popular products from and had them afterwards take part in anonymous polling that asked questions pertaining to a number of key areas including the quality of the products they received, how they felt about customer service with Realistic Diplomas and more. All of the data was later broken down and posted below.

How do you rate their quality?

When it came to reporting on the quality with the product shipped from, we discovered that 75% of shoppers rated the quality favorably. This 75% was 16% higher than the average among all sites in this area. It was still 1% less than

Do you feel they offer a good value?

When it came to rating the value of the products from RealisticDiplomas, 82% reported back positively in this area. The 89% was a 14% improvement over the quality figures that came back with Realistic Diplomas. Also, the 82% was 13% higher than the average rating we got back from all sites we judged in terms of overall value. In the end, when it comes to rating value, in our polling ranked third behind and, which actually took the top spot with this category. Another review actually claims that these two sites are owned by the same company, which made this rating being so closed as less surprising.

How would you rate their service?

When we judged customer support though, we did see a drop. Although the 45% that approved of the customer support they got from was 6% higher than the average among all sites, it was still beaten out by, and, it’s sister-site, if the claims that were made on the other site are in fact true.

Would you buy again?

In the end, when we asked shoppers if they would buy from again, 80% basically said yes in our online polling. This 80% was actually 19% higher than the average among all sites that we polled. Even though took the top spot here, it was an impressive showing by Realistic Diplomas.

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  1. R Khan

    This site looks like some 1993 project by a middle schooler. I’m afraid to order! haha


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