Breaking down fake high school diploma reviews

By | January 18, 2013

Studying the best fake high school diplomas

Are you looking for fake high school diploma reviews? One of the questions we asked in our polling was if buyers were not only buying a fake diploma, but if they were using the fake diploma to replace an old diploma. If they knew what the real diploma from the school looked liked, then they could fairly judge the quality of the diploma they received and allow us to piece together fake high school diploma reviews. Five buyers who planned to buy high school diplomas from each one of the seven sites we studied took part in our study. The final report came back with a few unexpected results.

Piecing together fake high school diploma reviews

In total, 36 high school diplomas were purchased from three select sites. Some websites including and were not studied due to the fact that they did not offer fake high school diplomas in their product line. Other sites that did, including Phony Diploma and Buy a Fake Diploma, had multiple diplomas ordered so that we could compare the quality of their work when requesting different fake high school diplomas from different graduating years and different high schools.

The chart below shows the average success rate most buyers had when dealing with any one particular company. After each diploma was received, the buyers were asked to compare them against their originals (the real diploma that they had). Whether or not they still approved of the diploma that was made was then recorded and the following results are posted below.

A list of top sites for fake high school diplomas

Fake HS Diploma Suppliers Quality Approval 80% 82% 85% 87% 73% 75% 81% 59%

It’s important to understand that just five diplomas per site were purchased. With thousands of high schools across the country, it’s difficult to judge a company as a whole on five simple orders. Still, it does give us a basic understanding of their capabilities and approvals among a body of buyers.

The schools and the requested diplomas did differ greatly by year. Some buyers purchased fake high school diplomas to replace old diplomas from as far back as the 60’s, while many were requesting more modern day documents. Obviously, if you would like us to break down our list and see if a particular document you need made was bought and documented, we can do so. Just contact us directly.

The site with the highest approval among fake high school diploma shoppers was with a 87% approval ranking. This means that among our buyers, 87% of the time they were happy with their fake high school diploma when matching it against an original. In a close 2nd and 3rd place was Diploma Makers and Diploma Company.

Did all sites guarantee that the document will look and feel real?

It is important to understand that some of the fake high school diplomas requested were from fake diploma suppliers that offered templates instead of replicas. A replica is where the diploma is designed after the real thing and a template is where you decorate a design of your choosing.

For this reason, we had almost decided to rank sites like, and, etc., separately but for the final report left them in, as is for our fake high school diploma reviews. In the end sites like this did extremely well, especially