Rating Customer Support of Fake Diploma Sites

One of the most importnat aspects in dealing with any company is customer suport. The ability to find a company representative who can answer simple questions about products and series or keep you updated about the status of your order, is the key when making any purchase whether it’s a fake degree or a fake diploma that your in the market for.

Did you find that most fake diploma sites provided good or poor service?

One of the tougher areas to judge was how each fake diploma site handled customer support. It wasn’t tough because we were unable to gather data, but difficult because customer support was pretty nonexistent or extremely limited with a number of sites we asked buyers about. Most sites simply offered email only. A number of sites did offer live chat but it was either down or they were frequently offline and not available to chat. When it came to phone numbers, a large majority offered them but most sent our call to voicemail or could only speak during very limited customer support hours.

Case in point, Phony Diploma, one of the better ranked sites we polled (actually ranked #1 in terms of overall value), frustrated many with it’s limited support hours of 11 to 4PM EST (Monday thru Friday). Still, the hours – although limited – were a major improvement over some sites including Diploma Xpress which had a huge delay in responding back to buyers.

The results of our polls in regards to customer support have been posted below for you to review:

Fake Diploma Websites Service Approval – Last Updated 17th July 2019
BuyaFakeDiploma.com 90%
DiplomaCompany.com 95%
DiplomaMakers.com 14%
DiplomasandMore.com 24%
Diploma-World.com 24%
DiplomaXpress.com 10%
FakeDiplomaSale.com 20%
ND-Center.com 5%
NextDayDiplomas.com 40%
PhonyDiploma.com 60%
RealisticDiplomas.com 45%

Not surprising with customer support available close to midnight daily, Diploma Company had a 95% approval ranking with buyers, 5% above Buy a Fake Diploma. With 30% from 2nd place, a rather large gap, came PhonyDiploma.com who reported a 60% customer support approve with its buyers. In fourth place is Realisic Diplomas, again with a rather large drop from 3rd place, nearly 15%.

As you’d imagine, the sites with multiple contact options often ranked better and those with not only multiple ways to contact their company but extended support hours, ranked the best.

The biggest surprise on the list was Diploma Makers at 10%. They do offer phone support and through their site and answer calls very well, but during the polling that was conducted unfavorable numbers were returned on their behalf.