Highest Rated Quality : Fake High School Diplomas

In today’s installment of looking at data we’ve compiled via numerous polls, we’ll be looking at reported quality among high school diplomas.

Customers were polled on eight different companies they’ve ordered from, and reported their opinions and thoughts. Overall, the average was about 56%. This means about 56% of customers were happy with the quality of their fake high school diploma.

This struck us as odd – doesn’t that seem very low? Perhaps customers simply have their hopes up way too high. It’s unlikely that the polled companies simply had poor products, because some of these companies were incredibly high ranking in other areas of study. For instance, our highest rated website has a remarkable 98% rating.

More likely, customers purchasing fake high school diplomas simply have their expectations up too high. Perhaps they thought their company would forge signatures, reproduce a seal under copyright, or include other school-protected details under copyright. It’s important to note that any company that operates out of the US and is operating as a legal and trustworthy company, will not break these few rules. Simply put, where do you want to trust your money? With a company in the US that follows all rules (some of which put in place to protect the customer), or a company that will break laws and forge signatures?

We digress.

Here are your highest quality fake high school diplomas, from highest to lowest.

DiplomaCompany.com 75%
BuyaFakeDiploma.com 70%
Diploma-World.com 62%
PhonyDiploma.com 60%
RealisticDiplomas.com 59%
NextDayDiplomas.com 50%
DiplomaMakers.com 45%
DiplomasandMore.com 30%

As you can see, Diploma Company came in first with a 75% rating for quality on their fake high school diplomas. As one of our overall highest rated websites, we weren’t too surprised!

We hope this helps you if you’re searching for a fake high school diploma!