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Welcome to! We speak everyday to actual customers who’ve purchased from fake diploma suppliers. We document their experiences and use that data to present the most accurate and up to date site reviews. This collected data allows us to keep an up-to-the second pulse on the entire industry, what stores are putting out the best products today and whose slipping up. We also openly encourage anybody to take part in this review process by submitting their unique order details to help document their experiences.

Best fake diploma websites as of May 18th!

The following chart gives a detail breakdown of each website and our current rating (as of this Saturday), and our staff’s personal but ever-changing thoughts on each.

What makes the data here different from other review sites?

This site is a massive change from us and them is big. Normally an opinion is made about a store by a single individually blogging about their experiences and that opinion left for years untouched. The problem is these suppliers are constantly adding new equipment, replacing employees, etc. An experience or complaint somebody had two weeks ago, let alone five years ago, could be entirely different by today. This is why we believe in real time data that changes daily so you captures can capture a sense of where a business stands at this moment in time.

We average a typical 15-25 client submitted reviews over a typical 48 hour period with most sites. After checking for accuracy, the feedback provides us polling data we can share with others. An example of this data is whose currently polling this Saturday at a 97.00% customer satisfaction rate with product quality. There is also whose getting a 9.00% approval with how they handle client support.

Again these figures are what we see this Saturday and could change quickly. Yet, it shows the difference between polling customer’s daily compared to somebody ranting about this personal experience on a message board or forum.

Want to dive deeper into these numbers?

We break down all the data we collect about any website by clicking on each individual store review. A full review discusses the site’s product quality, customer support, and complete efficiency. We provide percentages based upon how positive or negative the feedback in each area is. We then give our own opinions on how each site along with a final grade score.

Interested in submitting your own feedback?

The site lives and dies on the feedback of buyers. You’re willingness to leave feedback means everything to us. You can read about how you can submit feedback about a shop and what is required right here. We look forward to hearing your opinion.

Interested in getting our personal opinion about a website or supplier?

First, be sure to check out any current reports about a business by seeing current feedback. We often so hear personal stories, some good (some not so good) about experiences people have had in dealing with various stores. Depending on what you want, we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Like we’ve stated multiple times, these shops are constantly changing but can pass along any current detailed feedback we have about a particular supplier, if this helps in your decision as where to shop.