Highest Valued Diplomas

Today’s report will focus on customers’ description of the

Value of the product, based on price and how customers felt this price reflected the quality.

Today we’ll look at our usual subjects, and compile a statistical report as disclosed by our reported customer base.

Overall we found the average Value of product to be in the 69% range.

Phony Diploma took the cake, with customers claiming a 90% value. This means that customers polled believe their document is worth 90% of exactly the dollar amount they paid for the product. That’s pretty high, considering an average is of course an average from all across the board – customers who hate spending $5 on anything, and customers willing to pay top dollar. 90% is a great score on this.

Diploma Company fell in a close second place at 89%.

The bronze 3rd place was given to Diploma-World at 85%, and fourth to Realistic Diplomas at 82%.

The rest of the statistics can be found in the table below. The four highest rated valued websites were all 82%-90%. Those are all fantastic results.

What does this report mean?

These high results mean there is intense competition within the fake diploma market. All four highest ranked companies compete for each sale, and deliver results on each sale. This leaves customers happy and willing to participate in studies such as ours.

What does this mean for you? Well, now you know which companies to buy from! If you’re in the market for a fake diploma or other similar document, be sure to take note of this study (as well as other reports) to ensure you purchase from the best supplier on the internet.

Our full results:

Highest Valued Diplomas

Phony Diploma 90%
Diploma Company 89%
Diploma-World 85%
realistic diplomas 82%
Buy a Fake Diploma 80%
Next Day Diplomas/ 75%
Diploma Makers 73%
Diplomas and More 63%
Diploma-Xpress 60%
Fake Diploma Sale 33%
ND-Center 30%