Man Receives High School Diploma 90 Years Late

By | November 8, 2013

We here at Best Fake Diploma thought this story was really sweet.

105-year-old Philadelphia man Bill Mohr recently earned his high school diploma. In the 1920s, Mohr had won a 4-year scholarship to St. Joseph’s Preparatory School. When he was 15, his family was forced to move when his father’s plant relocated. He was plucked out of Prep school and had to get a job himself at age 15. He later served WWII, and eventually settled down and started a family with his wife.

His one regret in life was that he never finished high school.

A teacher and the principal of St. Joseph’s Preparatory School got together to award Mohr an honorary high school diploma. Had he graduated, he would have just had his 85th year reunion.

Sometimes you need closure over a part of your life you had little control over. Once Mohr received his high school diploma, his only regret was resolved and he said he had no more wants in life.

He finally got closure after almost 90 years.