Diploma Review Site backed with real data!

After considering buy a fake diploma and degree for myself, I stumbled across a number of phony review sites, blogs, message boards postings, etc. I started to wonder about the idea of putting together a legit site ranking the best fake diploma options for consumers. I decided, along with a few friends, to do something totally unique and documented feedback from actual fake diploma shoppers on a variety of areas including product quality and product value, the customer service they experienced and a simple overall rating to bring it all home.

How was data collected for BestFakeDiploma.com?

We started by placing online ads on sites like Craiglist and other free boards, trying to find past or future fake diploma and degree shoppers. The ads basically said that if you were planning to buy or had bought fake diplomas, fake degrees, fake transcripts, etc, that we wanted to see if you’d be interested in taking part in a study. The truth is, the first time we ran the ad, we didn’t get a ton of responses. BUT in time, more and more people responded and within 6 months we had complied a nice list.

From the beginning, we told potential candidates that the study would be 100% anonymous and that their information would be kept private and any personal information would be deleted once all data was gathered. After they agreed and were approved for polling, they were emailed a link that we had setup, after notifying us that their product arrived and they were ready. The temporary site was built using the website “pollsetup” and the questions focused on documenting the shopper’s experiences with the particular fake diploma shop they bought from.

an example of fake diploma poll used for fake diploma review siteSome of the exact questions that were asked included: “Were you able to reach a support rep during normal business hours?” to “Did you find the company was available when you needed them?“. Other questions addressed value such as, “When you initial received your diploma, did you feel as if you overpaid for the item?“.

If they confirmed that the knew somebody else with a diploma or transcript from another site, we would ask, “how would you rate the value of the diploma you received from this fake diploma supplier with others?” In the end, the final and probably most important question being asked was simple: “would you ever see yourself buying from this company again?” The data returned for that question, presented the results for our overall rating and the top site in the entire bunch.

So, how do I make sense of all the data on here?

Our diploma review site has broken down all of the data we’ve collected into a variety of categories including the purchasing of fake college diplomas and fake high school diplomas as well as individual reports on a number of fake diploma sites.

What was the most surprising piece of data you picked up for your diploma review site?

With so many of the negative things that we had read about fake diploma sites online, we were shocked to fint that 61% of shoppers (believe it or not?) said that they would return to same the company they bought a diploma from originally to buy another someday. Of course, this does show that 39% were not happy or dissatisfied with their purchase. Still, the odds are in your favor that you will be pleased more than upset when buying a fake diploma online.

We just found that worth noting since the majority of reviews on boards and forums are often so negative. What this proves is the majority of customers, although happy do not tend to open up about their experiences with others. While those who are unhappy (although a smaller percentage) will gladly do so. In the end, you should question most feedback you read and realize that not all fake diploma sites are scams or will give an unfavorable experience.

This is all great, but how can I see some reviews?

On your right hand side, you will see a number of tables breaking down the top five sites for a number of categories. Click on some of those fake diploma website reviews to get started. Additional information will be linked in our site where necessary.