Compare all data for the best fake diploma reviews

This page and report was last updated 17th July 2019 with new feedback!!!

In an effort to piece together a fake diploma review that focused in on the needs of everyday shoppers, it was important that we gathered real and accurate data that was important to fake diploma consumers. For this study, a number of participants were asked to rate their fake diplomas experiences on a variety of levels that dealt with the quality of the product they received, their time spent with customer support, the overall value of the product, and whether or not they could see themselves ordering from the same site twice.

The final graphs posted on this page, in reference to fake diploma website reviews, will help you make sense of all the data that was collected and how it all applies to the final outcome.

The key areas we studies for the best fake diploma reviews of 2019!

Probably the most important question we asked was whether or not people would consider purchasing a product again from the same fake diploma company they shopped with before. With some pollsters, previous questions asked did affect how they answered this but with others they were not factors. We did found a lot of animosity when polling on this with shoppers who purchased from both and, and reported back more positive numbers with shoppers of sites like and, although they too had a percentage of shoppers, although small, who had overall concerns as to whether they’d shop with the same company twice. The final figures are posted below.

The first in our series of charts highlights the percentage of shoppers who were pleased with the overall quality of the product they received. Initial reactions were taken along with reactions after comparing the products between sites and the two were averaged out for one simple figure. Although these numbers fluctuated with the type of fake diploma being presented, our most positive feedback continued to remain with Diplom Company and Phony Diploma.

How did people rate value and service?
This second chart, and our least popular study, focused on the overall value of the items received. Here, shoppers were asked compare their documents with others. This allowed each person to judge their document against another, to see which one held the greater value. Phony Diploma came out slightly ahead in this category and reported back amazing numbers. This third pie chart focuses on the customer support that was given out at each fake diploma website that we reviewed. Pollsters were asked to rate their experience in dealing with each site from the start of their purchasing experience til the end. Overall, we found that just 39% of those polls polled had a favorable experience with the service they experienced at fake diploma sites. Of all sites studied, had the lowest percentage of pleased people with their support at a lowly 5%.

So, what was the final verdict from fake diploma shoppers?

Finally, the last poll conducted (as displayed above) focuses on the overall experience that those polled had with each and every fake diploma site that we studied. This poll asked a very simple question: Whether or not those who purchased from a particular company could see themselves buying from that same company again?

Even though some answers to this question were preconceived due to buys already making their minds up because of quality, value, or support issues, the final responses were ultimately surprising. In the end, what we discovered was that 61% of fake diploma shoppers could see themselves buying a second product from the company they had chose. This tells us a lot about how shoppers honestly look at fake diploma and degree sites. Diploma Company ended up with a slight edge here, and rounded out the middle of the pack with a respectable 64%.