FAQ Guide : Fake Diploma Review Question & Answers

The following FAQ guide is here to provide answers to common questions we receive about our fake diploma review site.

What made you want to start this website?

To be honest, we were in the market for a fake diploma ourselves when we came across a number of sites which talked about certain websites being associated as string operations or that company-x would take your money and not return your calls. It became difficult to tell which were real reviews from real shoppers and what was actually one company pretending to a customer and writing negative things about another site to scare people away.

We then started to look into polling that had been done on other sites to engage potential buyers and gather accurate data. We figured that somebody should do the same thing for fake diploma or fake degree buying. It was then that we setup to make this project a reality.

How difficult was it finding participants?

It took a awhile. Buying fake diplomas is not as popular as, let’s say, buying movies online so we were limited in our number of people ready to order a diploma or transcript and willing to participate. In the end, we slowly built our list of participants and had them contribute to our data as their orders came in. They were told that the polling was completely anonymous and that their data could help future buyers. Most people took party in our study with no questions asked.

Where was the polling conducted?

We sent out emails to keep in touch with participants. Once their order was placed, they were sent a link to temporary site that we had setup. The site asked a wide variety of questions and documented their answers. Once we reached a good number of data, we stopped polling and began to analyze all of it and break it down.

What is the most surprising thing you learned when making this fake diploma review site?

Well, without a doubt that so many rumors were put to rest. When we started this review site, we read so many reports online about people saying that they were supposedly scammed and having their money taken from them or people not getting what they paid for and being told “tough luck”. In the end, every single customer that purchased products from sites that we studied got what they wanted. When people were sent the wrong item, each company was more than willing to fix their own mistake.

On top of that, 61% of shoppers said that if they purchased a fake diploma or fake degree again, would return to the same company again. I found that shocking with so many people writing stuff on message boards and blogs about how fake diploma sites are scams. Obviously, they aren’t. In fact, our data shows that more often than not, you’ll leave happy. Still, it’s important to point out that it’s impossible for EVERYBODY to be happy which explains why you might see one or two upset posts online but people shouldn’t let it be an overall representation of the entire company.

Do you own any fake diploma site yourself?

No. People often ask us if we own DiplomaCompany.com since they ranked so well on a number of polls. We can assure you that Diploma Company’s ranking is all their own. Also, other sites like DiplomasandMore.com rank as being #1 for fake high school diploma buying and PhonyDiploma.com ranks #1 in overall value. Obviously, if owned DiplomaCompany.com, they would rank #1 for everything and make us a lot of money. That is not the case.

What about sites that sell fake certificates?

People often ask me about getting fake certs like birth, marriage, IQ, etc. I do not review such sites, but I have heard about noveltycertifications.com which I would recommended.

What is in this site for you?

A lot of people ask me, “why make this site?”. They say, “it’s a lot of work and you’d never do it, if there wasn’t something in it for you”. Obviously, there is something in it… money. We make money with the banner ads from advertisers. It’s also why we try hard each and every day to get more people to this site with quality information and reviews, because the more people here, means the more people seeing on our ads and making us money.