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FakeDiplomaSale.com Review

Launched in January of 2007, FakeDiplomaSale.com offers a variety of fake college diplomas and other college-level documents. We asked a number of people looking to buy from Fake Diploma Sale to take part in our customer study, so that we could piece together a website review on their site, on a number of levels including product value & quality, customer service and an overall ranking. How do you rate their… Read More »

DiplomaCompany.com Website Reviews

The highest ranked site that we polled in a number of categories including customer support, product quality and overall ranking, was DiplomaCompany.com. Launched in February of 2007, Diploma Company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, offers a variety of products including geds, high school and college level fake diplomas and degrees. We had a number of customers purchase products from http://diplomacompany.com and later polled them on questions pertaining to a… Read More »