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Intro to Review

We have this site a rating of A as of 10PM today. They are able to hit this rating due to a very impressive 97.00% product quality approval with customers and 99.00% approval of their customer support department.

The site does seem to be related in some way to and, although I have zero proof of that connection.

They supplier a number of typical items that commonplace including fake high school diplomas and fake college diplomas along with transcripts and certificates. Like Diploma Company, they do sell GED items, which is something Phony Diploma does not do.

How Do Customers Rate the Product Quality at !! Very Important !!

Currently, customers of this website give them a 97.00% approval rating of quality. This means if a customer buys a phony college degree or novelty high school diploma here, 97.00% of the time they were happy with the decision to buy. That is a very powerful number. We can compare this figure to at 83.00% and you can star to appreciate this impressive percentage.

Another thing to consider with this site is various price ranges. They offer “fake” items which are low cost build-a-diploma templates and “replica” which are of course, high end more precise replications of real degrees. By appearing to multiple markets and multiple budgets, they open themselves up to more customers than some other sites.

This site seems to have an approve rating that fluctuates in the high nineties. Like any site, it can shift from day to day. The rating and product quality percentage approval does shift from day to day. In most cases the staff may have different people working on different days but most of the time the opinion coming back on this site is extremely positive.

How do Customers Rate Customer Service?

There are times were I will go weeks at a time without hearing a single bad thing about the support department here. At this time, believe it or not, they are hitting a 95.00% rating with Customer Support. Normally it is neck and neck with Diploma Company whose actually at a 97.00% approval rating themselves as I write this. I’ve never seen their support figures dip below 96%.

As I’ve stated, I see some connection with Diploma Company and Diploma Printers. All of which have support at the same level. What this means is phone support and live chat and emails are getting answered when most sites tend to go home. Again, I’m not saying you can reach them one a Saturday morning at 4AM New York Time but they are there more often than most support centers are. That is a fact.

How Do Customers Rate Their Turnaround/Shipping Efficiency?

This site also has a strong approval rating when it comes to their turnaround, getting items out, etc. On this day, it’s 99.00%. I think this is because they have a larger staff capable of handling requests. I do see some delays when people request samples of special changes but that should come to be. They also have a nice ticketing system that allows them to keep a private conversation between clients and also stay organized.

What are you Own Thoughts on

Yes, this site is legit. I can say there is a big reason why I give it a personal rating of A. It’s the approval rating which is huge to me. At this time 97.00% approve of the work they do which is a big deal. When you combine that with the fact they have multiple price points to appear to various budgets you can see why this is a smart decision for a buyer.

The biggest known against them seems to be the raised seals which Diploma Company is turning out almost perfectly. Phony Diploma has struggled to match them and isn’t even making a push. That may all change so stayed tune but for now, I’m proud to stick to my A rating.

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