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Current July 24th Rating for DiplomaCompany.com


Intro to DiplomaCompany.com Review

One of the most impressive sites we have reviewed with the help of customers, DiplomaCompany.com has been given a A rating by our staff as of 5AM today. A lot of this has to do with the 98.00% overall approval of their product quality and 98.00% approval of their support. These impressive percentages are some of the best we’ve seen.

Launched in February of 2007, Diploma Company has a network of online stores including:

  • DiplomaCompany.com [THE MAIN/DEFAULT STORE]
  • DiplomaCompanyCanada.com (former DiplomaCompany.ca)
  • FakeDiplomasUK.com (former DiplomaCompany.co.uk)
  • DiplomaCompany.in
  • DiplomaCompany.com.au

Each store helps customers all over the world find their products. We mention this because of showing reviews for each site, we put all Diploma Company customer review data into this single review to help make the process more efficient.

Like a number of suppliers they focus their attention on custom printed novelty diplomas and degrees including high school and college diplomas and transcripts. In fact, we collect specific data on customer experiences with their fake college diplomas where they show a 97.00% approval rating. You can see the full college report here. They offer 24 hour turn around, fast delivery and customer support. We will break down each of these elements below and let you know how buyers currently view the company in all key areas as of today.

How Do Customers Rate the Product Quality at DiplomaCompany.com? !! Very Important !!

At this current time, 98.00% of customers we spoke to approved of the document quality this site provided. This means whether it was a high school diploma or college transcript, 98.00% of customers gave their work a thumbs up.

To compare this, we can say that a site like PhonyDiploma.com has a 84.00% approval when it comes to quality themselves and although it’s respectable, most of the feedback supports the assumptions that DiplomaCompany.com is the better site in this specific area as of July 24th.

In general, we see somewhere between 95% to 98% approval rates with the entire Diploma Company network of sites when it comes to production. By network I mean the Canadian site, the UK site, etc as they have a few but they are all run by the same production staff obviously. When it comes to quality, it’s generally one of the better performing suppliers on a consistent basis in this key area.

One of the big reasons why the quality approval with Diploma Company is trending upwards are the raised/embossed seals they’re now offering. PhonyDiploma.com was offering something like this for years but those seals were made using an embossing powder method which involved heating powders til they were harden and felt raised. Some of the complaints I got were about how the gold foil in those seals looked clumpy. DiplomaCompany.com is using a more advanced method involving an additive manufacturing process which is much more advanced. It provides cleaner, sharper raised seals imho.

How do Customers Rate DiplomaCompany.com Customer Service?

Although there are a few sites that are similar in approval of support including PhonyDiploma.com at 95.00% and NextDayDiplomas.com at 98.00%, Diploma Company has the edge at a 96.00% approval rating here. Typically what we see with this site is that their approval of support does not go below 95% which is impressive.

A lot of this comes down to working extended hours, answering calls and chats. We find from many buyers that when the customer support departments at most sites leave for the day, this site is typically up and running. This does not mean that they work 24/7 but if your looking for a site that is most likely going to be online, the approval rate of their approval rating with their support overall is unbeatable.

How Do Customers Rate Their Turnaround/Shipping Efficiency?

Like most of the data we collect on this site, they remain strong on efficiency at 98.00%. What we look for is “did the item ship on time?”, “were their unnecessary delays?” etc. Because they have positive feedback regarding support, changes are the company has a decent size staff behind them allowing them to not only answer calls or chats but get items out in time. If you are in a hurry, this 98.00% overall approval for getting fake high school diplomas and phony college transcripts shipped out on time may be of importance.

What are you Own Thoughts on DiplomaCompany.com?

I try to leave my opinion out of this because the point of this site is to allow customers submit their own feedback. I will say that like with most sites, I hear from their customers a lot over email. The vast majority of what I hear is very positive. Sometimes people will complain about the cost of the items which I will agree is high. There are certainly cheaper options out there. I have had others complain about the initial sample looking bad. I’ll have some people say, “they sent me a sample and it looks awful, the look looks like s***” but the way the design department seems to operate over there is they send you a draft, you state any revisions and then they make adjustments. The differences between draft on and draft two are night and day.

I’ve also had a few customers say they bought a diploma here and tired to get a job or get into college and it didn’t work. First off, none of these diplomas from any site will do that for you. These are all novelty items. So feedback like that I will throw out but it is interesting to see how many buyers are totally clueless about items like these.

Still if I compare everything as whole DiplomaCompany.com one of the top three sites if not the best site on a consistent basis. Sometimes the quality will dip a little and that might be because a designer there went on vacation or was sick for a day or two (not 100% sure) but they are a safe bet way more often than not.

As of July 24th at this time, I am suggesting you check out this site if you’re looking for a fake diploma, degree, etc. This may change with new incoming feedback over the next few days but as I write this I give the site a score of: A.

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