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Is legit? Of course. This is one of those sites that hasn’t changed much since it was launched in September of 2006. Actually one of the more positive things that I hear about this, from customers returning after some time, site navigation is easier due to the lack of changes. That being said, I do a good mix of opinions on this site which is why I balance out my own grade with a B- as of 4AM. This grade has a lot to do with the 92.00% of customers approving of their work. Although that percentage seems respectable, they few that do state bad experiences, speak very negative of Next Day Diplomas. When you compare it to a site like which is now polling at a 99.00% approval of product quality, you can see the differences between both sites.

They offer the same line of items that are typical including high and college diploma fakes along with custom transcripts in those same areas. They at once time sold GEDs but started to label those items as High School Equivalency Diplomas instead. Still it does them an edge over a site like, at least when discussing this, because they do offer these items for buyers.

How Do Customers Rate the Product Quality at !! Very Important !!

We’ve been speaking to customers of this site, asking us to rate the quality of the documents they receive and what find is that 92.00% approve of their work. Again although this may seem respectable, when you consider that is polling at 98.00% and at a 87.00% you cans see the differences between suppliers.

A lot of the complaints I get are from people who order the replica services here. They state that the seal given on the final product is often very generic and not a replication of anything like they advertise. Others will say the designers here work with them and make changes. Still, I see an even balance of positive and negative feedback and ask customers just to be careful.

Most of the other items are pretty much template based and when you realize that a site like is polling closely at 1.00% and cost less money, it’s difficult to recommend these guys. With template based items, you choose a layout and then pick a seal and a paper color, etc. You pretty much build up a fake diploma from scratch. This approach is very common because it’s more affordable but it is not a replica and this is a site selling template items at replica prices. That bothers me.

How do Customers Rate Customer Service?

Their customer support department scores a 98.00% approval rating with the buyers we’ve polled. A lot of this seems to be due to a lack of live chat which a few clients have told me is frustrating. The phone support does seem to be efficient and they work longer hours than a lot of other suppliers making them very reachable.

Most customers I speak to state that the support department is very friendly and professional.

How Do Customers Rate Their Turnaround/Shipping Efficiency?

The company get a stronger approval on delivery times and turnaround hitting a 87.00% approval rating. This is likely due to the extended support hours meaning the staff works late and is able to get ahead of the workload for the day.

What are you Own Thoughts on

This is one of the better sites I’ve reviewed. There is no doubt about that. They’ve been in business for a long time and I’m constantly hearing from customers of theirs. Obviously when you sell a large volume there will be a lot of reviews and not all will be positive. Some are negative. It’s the nature of the game. They are certainly much better of a site than but I could not place them over a site like or even

The issue is the replica service is too expensive and too minimal for what you get. This may all change in the future but as of this July 24th, I have to give them a score of B-.

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