What is the Best Website in 2024 for Fake High School Diplomas?

If you looking to replace a lost or damaged high school diploma with a fake or want to fool a friend with a realistic novelty, you might wonder which sites make the best fakes on the web.

Although there are many different high schools throughout the country, and not even diploma can be precisely replicated, we can gather information on which sites tend to, for the most part, have happy customers when it comes to these sort of phony high school diploma purchases.

What Websites Have the Happiest Fake High School Diploma Customers?

After asking a customer what type of item they purchased, we collect date on how happy or unhappy they were with the document. This allows us to see what websites as of Thursday, 13th are producing the best fake high school diplomas. If data is weak today, we will combine all data over the last 30 days and give you results throughout June. Although these numbers are constantly adjusting as more data comes in, the current reporting shows:

As you can see, most of the sites we polled data from did fairly well when it comes to fake high school diploma sanctification. It seems to be a product that is fairly hard to screw up as compared to college or university replica documents.

What is My Take?

These numbers are averages, and can be based on several factors: ease of navigating through the website and placing and order, friendliness of customer service, delivery times, and quality of product. Think of any time you’ve placed an order with an online company, and how satisfied you were with your overall order from start to finish. Think of any number of things that could have happened to influence your final satisfaction for better or worse.