What Fake Diploma Shops Offer the Best Value for Your Money in 2024?

To say that a fake diplomas shop provides the best value for your money, is not the same as saying they make the high quality fake diplomas. As all of us are constantly looking to find a good deal for our money, this isn’t to say that finding good value in a fake diploma purchase holds no value itself.

We Polled Shoppers at Fake Diploma Sites This June to See Which Provides the Best Bang For Your Buck!

After a customer purchases a fake diploma from an online provider, we invite them to contact us about their experiences. We want to hear it all. The good. The bad. The ugly. We then take all of that data and present it inside reports which inform future buyers on what sites to stick with and what sites to run from.

A lot of the times the data is eye opening and other times it’s obvious.

Awhile back we started to ask buyers questions about value. We wanted to know if they site presented a good value in their eyes. In other words, they spent so much money for a fake diploma and did they feel it was worth what the company wanted? Did they overpay? Did they walk away with a good deal?

This isn’t to say that the company made the best looking and most mind blowing realistic fake diploma ever but that they offered buyers a good value for the price.

Understanding the Value Some Fake Diploma Shops Bring to the Table!

So a lot of what this current June data finds is interesting. For instance, Phony Diploma polled at 60.00% for overall value. This means that 60.00% of their customers this June felt their products were a good value for the money. Although that 60.00% isn’t nothing to shake your head out, it doesn’t compare to the 96.00% with BuyaFakeDiploma.com shoppers. Actually when you view the 60.00% against that 96.00%, you can see how much more buyers value one site over another.

Still the biggest and most surprising jump was DiplomasandTranscripts.com here. It’s true that they come out average in many areas we review from quality to support. They are often in that middle range, making them a smart choice but no always the best value. BUT here, in this regard, buyers walk away very impressed. Take for example this 1.00% approval they have with buyers in June. This means, that this month, 1.00% of DiplomasandTranscripts.com shoppers felt they offer a great value for the money!

Highest Value at Fake Diploma Shops? Poll Data From June, 2024!

Obviously some suppliers I’m sure wish they showed a better percentage with shoppers. Still, some do much worse than others we see with FakeaDiploma.com which carries a 1.00% this Thursday!

Disagree with our Fake Diploma Values? Think a Site Offers a Better or Worse Product Value?

How do you feel about our findings. Have you purchased a fake diploma from an online store? Do you feel like you got a good value for the money you spent? Do you feel like you were ripped off or scammed. Either way, we’ve love to hear from you. Please take part in our online survey. Your personal details are kept anonymous and all data is constantly being updated and old data is disregarded. Your opinions help inform future buyers and ensure that the data on our site is always fresh and relevant to the current scene.