Ordering Again From Fake Diploma Websites : Would You Return Even in 2024?

We Asked Customers “What are the Chances you Return to the Same Site to Buy Again?”

They say a returning customer is a happy customer. We couldn’t agree more. So we asked buyers at fake diploma sites a simple question, “knowing what you know now, would you return to this site and buy again?” Now obviously a fake diploma is often a one time purchase for many but the question lets us have a feel for how clients view this site and their overall experience.

Would They Return? Take a Look!

Keep in mind that like with all data we collect, these figures are constantly changing. For example, Diploma Company shows that 95.00% of customers would return. This may have been because they had a good experience with support agent or designer but these figures could change as the company changes. The same goes with Next Day Diplomas which shows 90.00% of their customers would use them again. Like any site, they may improve over time.

As expected DiplomaOutlet struggles at a . This means that only 3.00% would ever consider going back. Kind of disappointing.

One Client Review