Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following FAQ guide is here to provide answers to common questions we receive about our fake diploma review site.

Why did you create this website?

To be honest, we were in the market for a fake diploma ourselves when we came across a number of so-called review sites which made a ton of wild claims. I remember one saying some site was a string operation! Seriously? How dumb do they think people are? Another review site said that company-x would take your money and not return your calls. It became difficult to tell which were real reviews from real shoppers and what sites were nothing more than a competitor trying to write scary stuff to scare buyers from one site and onto theirs.

In what way, did you decide to make your review site better from the rest?

It call came down to data. We believed in data. We believed if we could talk to real buyers and get real feedback that was constantly updated and fresh this was going to change the game forever.

How difficult has it been to find participants?

It was tough in the beginning but as we’ve grown we get countless feedback submissions daily. Sure we will admit that buying fake diplomas is not as popular as, let’s say, renting movies online. We don’t have the same amount of data but we have a good chunk of it. It also helps that we keep all data completely anonymous and most buyers are willing to help because they know their data could help future buyers like themselves.

What is the most surprising thing you learned when making this fake diploma review site?

Well, without a doubt that so many rumors were put to rest. When we started this review site, we read so many reports online about people saying that they were supposedly scammed and having their money taken from them or people not getting what they paid for and being told “tough luck”. In the end, every single customer that purchased products from sites we’ve studied got a package mailed to them and the supplier worked with them to resolve any matters. Other than, I’ve had zero experiences with sites leaving customers out in the cold..

On top of that, a large majority customers in 2024 say they would buy a fake diploma from the same site again. I found that shocking with so many people writing stuff on message boards and blogs about how fake diploma sites are scams. Obviously, most aren’t. In fact, our data shows that more often than not, you’ll leave happy with any site you choose and if not, buyers have a lot of protection these days. Still, it’s important that we point out that it’s impossible for EVERYBODY to be happy! A lot of buyers have unrealistic expectations but we want to create balance in the data we present rather than one or two negative reviews pull down the entire overall representation of a company.

Do you own any fake diploma site yourself?

No. People often ask us if we own since they ranked so well on a number of polls. We can assure you that Diploma Company’s ranking is all their own. Also, other sites like and have ranked, from time to time, in our best sites to purchase fake high school diplomas from polling and well, other polls too. The data shifts daily. You see times when a site has better employees on vacation or out sick and the quickly reports shift downward. Plus, if owned, they would rank #1 for everything all the time and make us a lot of money. That is not the case.

What is this website in for you? What do you get out of it?

The people behind this were scammed themselves. They hope the data collected here is beneficial to some. Other than that, we’d love to advertising space and hopefully turn a profit someday. If you could like to advertise with us, I’d love to talk to you. Please drop me a message. We know this is a niche that doesn’t appeal to most businesses and organizations looking to market something.