June 2024 Overall Quality Report

If you’re in the market for a fake diploma or fake degree, chances are the quality of the document being produced by the company that you’re considering, is probably one of the most important areas of concern that you’ll have. For this reason, finding the best quality fake diploma options is crucial when picking a supplier.

For most fake diploma shoppers, quality of their document really comes down to one thing: how real does it look when compared against an original? In order to fairly rate the work of each site, we have multiple orders placed and judged. In fact, is the result of countless research and polling conducted on a number of popular fake diploma websites. Together, purchases of everything from fake college diplomas to fake high school diplomas were broken down and evaluated on a number of levels including yes, overall quality. An update and accurate list has been posted below.

Breaking down this data about product quality!

According to the polls we ran, 75% of customers at Diploma Company, marked the highest approval of any company we tested in terms of quality. What this mean is that 75% of the customers at Diploma Company, were pleased with the purchase they made in terms of the quality and they felt the document looked and felt the realist. It was a 5% improvement over and a 15% improvement over Phony Diploma. Although surprising, Phony Diploma did rank higher for overall value.

The lowest ranking we received, in terms of quality, was at just 20%. We found this surprising because of’s overall history in the business and strong visibility that they have across the web.