World War II Veteran gets High School Diploma 90 Years Late!

Graduates of Carbondale Area High School saw something on Saturday night that most graduates will never get to experience. It was a 90 year old man walking across to the stage to get his diploma nearly 90 years after he attend high school.

Bill Mohr, a 105-year-old World War II veteran from Philadelphia finally earned his high school diploma after all these years.

The 80 year journey to a high school diploma diploma!

In the 20’s, Mohr dropped out of St. Joseph’s Preparatory School to join the army at 17. After World War II ended, he continued to stay on with the Army, getting married, having wives and together raising children. Now his children, much older, speaker highly of their dad who put everything he had on hold to raise them properly. Wanting to do something special for Bill, they contacted their local officials about Bill’s story and they all agreed to grant him his diploma.

Through every moment his life had brought him, Bill still admits that he wish he had graduated and getting a honorary high school diploma at the Carbondale graduation meant a lot to him.

Had Bill actually graduated all those years ago, he would have just had his 85th year reunion! Late or not, Bill is pleased to be able to call himself a graduate on this day.

Getting a Diploma to Boost Somebody’s Self Esteem isn’t Always So Simple!

Bill’s children went out of their way to make sure the school system honored their father. He was not the first people (and certainly will not be the last) who had to leave behind school and whom all these years later, deserved to be a graduate. Sometimes stories have a happy ending and sometimes that moment in their life never happens. Still, it’s possible to recognize loved ones with fake diplomas that look and feel like actual diplomas from high schools or other institutes. These sort of documents make great personal replacements for degrees you may have never earned or as self esteem boosters to give yourself a smile.

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