May 2024 Customer Support Report

One of the most important aspects in dealing with any company is customer support. The ability to find a company representative who can answer simple questions about their products and series or keep you updated on the status of your order, is the key when making any purchase whether it’s a fake degree or any item your really in the market for.

A few thoughts about customer support data.

So obviously different sites operate out of different areas of the world. A site in California is going to work different hours than a site out of the United Kingdom. That being said a customer in the United Kingdom may find the local UK site offers better support hours for where they live.

That being said, a lot of times do offer minimum to non existent support making communication next to impossible.

Don’t most fake diploma sites offer great customer support?

The reality is most customers agree that support can be very nonexistent and unreliable.. at least that’s the overall perception when speaking to buyers. Many sites offer limited support methods which may include email but not phone support or live chat. Some sites which claim they offer live chat seem to rarely have their chat online. The same can go with phone support which may be up and running a few hours a day which can be contacting them difficult for some customers in different time zones.

Case in point, Phony Diploma, has ranked pretty well overall when discussing their products and services but they have lacked – for many years – solid support. Many clients are frustrated with their limited support hours.

The following results as of Saturday, 18th show which percentage of customers for a particular online shop view their support favorably.

Last thoughts about these findings.

When checking out a site, don’t list every form of communication they offer but try them out. It’s one thing to say they offer live chat or phone support but do they actually answer chat requests or pick up the phone?

Also read the details about where the company is located. If they say they are opened from time-A to time-B, be sure to see if it says things like Eastern Daylight Time or Pacific Time and consider this when expecting a reply during certain times of the day.