Replacement GEDs For The Best Value

In your search for a replacement GED, you may be wondering what sites offer replacement GEDs for the best value, with competitive prices. Some equivalency degrees are made better than others. To sort out the confustion, we’ve compiled the following data through studies and customer polls, to find out the best value you get for your money when buying a replacement high school equivalency diploma.

The following table shows which websites offer replacement GEDs, and each website’s corresponding “value for money.” This value is a measurement of the average customer happiness and satisfaction compared to price (i.e. how happy customers were, in relation to how much they spent on their diploma).

As you can see, has the best value for your money, with customers claiming they are 89% happy with the quality of product they received for their money spent. came in second, at 82%, and a close third at 80%. This means customers ordering from these three websites were the most satisfied with the product they received, in relation to how much money they spent. These three would clearly be our top website picks for replacement GEDs for the best value.