June 2024 Delivery & Turnaround Report

When considering fake diplomas shops in 2024, the time it takes to get a new diploma in their hand matters a lot. As well it should. Some buyers wait til the last second to pull the trigger on a purchase and others have somebody request a diploma from them at the last possible second and then need one delivered by the following morning. For this very reason, it was important that we talked to shoppers about any delays between ordering a product online to getting that specific fake diploma delivered.

What we’ve found is a few sites who specialize in overnight rush delivery often come through but delays can and do happen with special custom requests or asking for a proof of your order prior to shipping. An additional step or two here or there can add additional time to the production process and will delay delivery. Although this should seem like common sense, it’s important that we put expectations of this areas into perspective.

What fake diploma sites rank highest in delivery and turnaround efficiency this June?

The following charts shows how consumers as of Thursday, 13th view a particular fake diploma shop’s overall efficiency. So in this survey, we we’re looking to see is if the company was able to ship the item out on time and ensure delivery in a timely manner. Some feedback regarding a package being lost by the courier or delayed due to acts of nature is removed from the report as we understand issues like these are beyond the supplier.

What factors seem to raise or lower these efficiency reports?

Our report is very clear in that sites with a large staff are able to produce items faster than those who lack a larger staff. Case in point, and and all seem to delivery more often than others, while sites like often struggle. We also see a pattern with the later, when it comes to limited support methods and contact hours so there is likely a connection.

Still, as bad as it can get, some sites are much worse. While a site like tends to complete with the big three and offers rush delivery, nothing is as bad as which can takes day to product a document. Yet this is not a judgement of their product quality as it stands in the month of June.