Looking for the 2024 best fake college diploma reviews?

There is no doubt that fake diplomas from colleges and universities are by far one of the most popular fake diploma types with buyers. And Because stores tend to charge much more for these documents, customers demand more of these websites. That is why along with documenting a customer’s overall experience with the quality a store provides, their support and efficiency, we also track sales and see what sites are getting the best feedback for specific items like fake college diplomas.

Although we do have a different in how positive or negative feedback is based upon the school they are requesting a diploma from, the results do generally show that the fake college degrees at some sites are viewed more positively than others.

Without stressing you out over the results… We display our findings below in a nicely laid out chart.

So What Websites Currently Have the Highest Customer Approval Rates with Fake College Diplomas?

Just like our overall product quality reports, the stores that push customers into on “replica items” over “template” items do better. Fake college diplomas created from in-house templates, if you are not aware, are basically pre laid out customizable templates. With these, you pick a design pattern and then choose a color paper, seal designs from a list, signature count and more. It’s basically a “build your own diploma” platform. What we find is that MOST customers simply say, “You tell me what I need, your the expert” and the sites confident enough in their decisions often provide the most realistic looking novelty college documents.

DiplomaCompany.com, a site which strongly pushes replica items, finds itself on this list with a 97.00% approval with their fake college diplomas and degrees. What this means is that 97.00% of their customers we polled, as of this Wednesday give the college documents specifically high marks.

Looking further we can see that BuyaFakeDiploma.com, who again high pushes this replica service, finds itself at 98.00% and DiplomaPrinters.com 94.00% also get high marks. Other sites like NextDayDiplomas.com at 83.00% and PhonyDiplomas.com at 95.00% still provide mostly positive feedback but don’t give that 90% threshold. A lot of this is because they seem to send a mix message to buyers pushing cheaper in-house template driven alternatives.

Do you Agree with Our Findings? Do you Tink Another Site Makes Better Fake College Diplomas?

If you have have purchased a fake college degree or novelty university diploma, we’d love your input. Please take a moment to submit your feedback to us and let us document your experiences. The entire process is 100% anonymous and the feedback can help future buyers. Until then, we proudly stand by our results.