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This is one of the oldest sites on the internet when it comes to faking diplomas. The site has always had an innocent goofiness to it until recent years when it’s taken a more mature and classier approach to complete with higher end suppliers.

As of 12PM today, they’ve been given a personal rating of C+ by our staff. Although their ratings including 98.00% product quality approval, they still fall slightly below sites like and even Still their approval percentages are very high and one of the better sites we’ve reviewed.

Launched in June in 2001, this looks like it could be part owner with a few other domains like (See Our Same Day Diplomas Review) and (See our Realistic Diploma Review) but I have no way of referencing that. There just seems to be a lot of similarities with ratings and feedback I get on this site.

They sell the typical line of fake degree items including phony high school, college and university diplomas, degrees and transcripts. They also sell custom certificates. The store does not sell GED diplomas and has not for some time now.

How Do Customers Rate the Product Quality at !! Very Important !!

At last reporting, was showing that 89.00% of their customers approved of their work. This means that 89.00% stated a positive experience with the quality of their products. Although this is very impressive, we are currently showing a 98.00% approval with and a 97.00% approval with Although the quality scores at Phony Diploma are nothing to be ashamed of, today they fall a little flat.

To compare this, we can say that a site like has a 89.00% approval when it comes to quality themselves and although it’s respectable, most of the feedback supports the assumptions that is the better site in this specific area as of June 13th.

In general, we see somewhere between 95% to 98% approval rates with the entire Diploma Company network of sites when it comes to production. By network I mean the Canadian site, the UK site, etc as they have a few but they are all run by the same production staff obviously. When it comes to quality, it’s generally one of the better performing suppliers on a consistent basis in this key area.

When comparing the sites I see a connection with like which has a 62.00% approval rating, it’s easier to connect the dots.

Although the approval rating on product quality can shift day to day, typically Phony Diploma scores between a 90% to 95% approval on average.

How do Customers Rate Customer Service?

This is really the area where Phony Diploma loses ground and reduces their overall grade so much. Recent data logs show that 14.00% approval of their customer support. If we compare this to at 97.00%, we can see the difference.

Still, 14.00% is a respectable number. It’s still much better than sites like which struggle at 68.00%.

From what I can tell, a lot of this drop comes from a lack of support hours. They do have live chat and phone support but support services pretty much disappear late in the afternoon. Their service is certainly good enough to get them into the higher approval percentages but finding help in off hours may be a struggle with these guys. If they’re listing to me, they will get their act together.

Considering their support rating has dipped as low as the mid eighties to mid nineties at the high, they are respectable here but could use some adjustments.

How Do Customers Rate Their Turnaround/Shipping Efficiency?

They may take a dip with support but they bounce back with turnaround efficiency at 97.00%.

In this area clients were asked if an item shipped out on time and how they viewed the entire delivery process with this site. Most claimed that orders got out in 24 hours and if they didn’t, it was likely due to samples they were requesting or something very reasonable. A few customers were bothered by the lack of free shipping which may explain why Diploma Company who scores a 98.00% in this area surpasses them. Again these area things they could improve on but still lack as of this June 13th.

What Your Thoughts on

As of June 13th at this time, I am suggesting you check out this site if you’re looking for a fake diploma, degree, etc. This may change with new incoming feedback over the next few days but as I write this I give the site an average rating .

I will say most of the clients I speak to who purchase college products such as fake college degrees or transcripts are happy. I get a lot of mixed feedback on high school diplomas here. Again GED’s are off the table because they don’t do them.

I’ve seen seen a slight drop as they bragged for years about doing “puffy” gold seals but lately has raised their games with a more advanced embossed seal that is cleaner and sharper. In fact some of the biggest complaints I got on those “puffy” shiny gold seals were that the gold seemed flaky in parts. The application at Diploma Company seems to be way more durable.

All of this aside, none of these are areas they can’t approve on. I also find their website to be one of the BETTER sites I’ve reviewed and talked to customers about but it’s still a notch below those deserving of A or A+ ratings. I just feel that for the type of money they demand, they need to demand more of themselves.

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