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Have you recently purchased a fake diploma, transcript or certificate from an online website offering phony or fake documents? We’ve love to gather feedback from you about your experiences. These include rating the website’s product quality, their customer support staff and overall turnaround and delivery efficiency. The numbers allow us to grow our database and ensure accurate and new reviews on these suppliers.

If you are ready to submit a review, please fill out the form below. More information about the process is below the submission form.

** Any new customer submitted reviews must be submitted and verified before midnight of this Tuesday to ensure they added to the latest polling. Any reviews submitted after the deadline will be applied within a 24/48 hour period! **

Submission Form for Reviews

Submit Reviews of Websites
Use the following form to submit your review on website. Emails will be sent directly to our research department and data will be applied to our reports within 24 hours. All reviews must be verified but no names and personal information is shared.
Confirm the online shop where the purchase was made.
Reviews may be flagged if questioned. You may be asked to provide proof of purchase such as a receipt or invoice. No personal details are shared in reporting. This is just to confirm the purchase was legitimate.
Write the date the initial purchase was made.
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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the quality of the product you received. Consider paper quality, print quality and if you were promised a replication did they deliver?
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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the overall support of the website. This includes availability such as responding to questions or concerns, keeping you informed, etc.
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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the turnaround process of the website. Consider time it took to make the order and ship it. Was everything received on time? Were their delays?
Leave any additional notes about your experience dealing with this website.

Submission FAQ Guide

The following tries to answer any common questions we get about how we process client reviews. If you have more questions, you may message us here.

Why Do You Require Such Invoices, Proof of Sales, etc?

The reality is there is a lot of dishonest reviews out there among fake diploma sites. There are many online stores who constantly attack each other, submitting negative feedback on their competitors. Because of this we do not allow any feedback that is backed up with copies of confirmations or proof of purchases. This ensure that our data is as honest as possible.

Do You Post Personal Details on this Website?

No. All personal information is edited out. This is just for verification purchases to ensure the review is authentic. Any names that must be mentioned on the site will be edited and replaced with bogus names to ensure your privacy is respected.

I posted feedback (good or bad) but it does not seem like website scores have adjusted!

Unless a large number of positive or negative reviews flood our feedback system, the results will most likely not great change. Since we do not raise or lower the value of a score depending on each circumstance, the shift a good or bad review has may be minimal. We will still make most of very good or very bad experiences to help future customers make a wise buying decision when we and if speak to them individually.