99-year old woman receives high school diploma

99-year old woman receives her Iowa high school diploma 80 years late!

In 1932, Audrey Crabtree a swimming had an accident diving which forced her to miss several days of school. After recovering, her grandmother because sick, resulting in even more loss day of school.

Eventually a senior at East High in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Audrey was one credit shy of graduation. This meant she would have had return for an additional year of schooling. This interfered with her plans of marry her first husband. After the couple had children and those children were in school, Audrey and her husband bought a flower shop but her husband died of a heart attack only two months into owning their business.

Crabtree operated Flowers by Audrey for 28 years, marrying two more times and outliving all her husbands.

Chabtree’s close friends and family always knew that it upset her inside that she could not graduate high school.

Getting Audrey’s 80 year old overdue high school diploma!

Her granddaughter was the one who contacted East High and helped arrange the diploma ceremony. Family and friends surrounded Audrey as she received her diploma during an education board meeting.

About finally earning her diploma all these years later, she said onlookers, “I feel so much smarter” with the new diploma in hand.

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