What Fake GED Sites Offer Best Customer Support Experience in 2024?

Obviously as a company who collects opinions from shoppers of fake diplomas, we talk to a lot of people who purchase these sorts of custom documents, including fake ged diplomas. Many will speak positively or negatively about a company’s customer support department. They tell us that good support is so important because for many of them they don’t order many items online and the experience of online shopping for such products can be overwhelming. Having a friendly staff there to help them and walk them through the buying process goes a long ways.

But imagine the alternative as a buyer. Imagine a site whose support never seems to be on or is on, but only during limited hours, making them impossible to reach during lunch breaks or after work. Imagine a support department who chat is is limited with answers or whose email department doesn’t respond in a timely manner to questions about deliver times with their fake ged product lineup. When you put all this together, you can see why solid customer support is such an important buying decision with these shoppers.

That being said we begun to collect data with GED shoppers on their unique experiences in numerous areas including how good or bad the support department treats them.

Which Sites Do Fake Diploma Shoppers Think Offer The Best Customer Support This May?

Data Shows that Support Options with Fake GED Buyers is Key!

What this data shows you is that sites which work extended support hours, offer multiple forms of contacting including phone and/or live chat, get better ratings than sites that work limited hours or offer limited support options. Sites like PhonyDiploma.com that do answer text messages but offer limited support hours, find themselves in the middle of the pack. While sites like DiplomaCompany.com at 99.00% and BuyaFakeDiploma.com at 99.00% get high marks. A few of the sites that struggle in our initial customer support findings struggle here too.

A few things to keep in mind that not every site sells fake ged documents including diplomas, score sheets, etc. Some made the decision to stop selling these items years ago and others have changed the names to novelty high school equivalency degrees.

If you know of a site that sells fake GED diplomas but is not featured in this list, it could be because the data we have on them by buyers, is limited. Please, if you have ordered such items from these sites, we encourage you to submit your feedback so that we can collect your data to update our findings.